Iowa Fly Fisher

 Yes, fly fishing in Iowa 

The Micro-Jig

My most reliable producer for bluegills, crappies and other sunfish. Also catches largemouth bass up to about 18 inches, and will also catch trout in the right colors. See the Videos page for instructions on tying and presentation.

So simple, and so deadly. This variation uses rabbit fur tail and rubber legs.

HOOK: 1/80 oz. jighead with plain hook, silver or gold or plain unplated lead

THREAD: 140 Denier Ultra Thread (3/0), color to match body or bright red

TAIL: Fluffy select Marabou or a clump of rabbit fur from a magnum-cut Zonker strip.

BODY: Fine rayon chenille, standard ultra chenille, or rabbit fur dubbing

LEGS: Small silicone legs (optional, and I very rarely include them anymore)


I fish this anywhere from 18 inches to 4 feet below an indicator, depending on water depth, with a strip-pause retrieve. Favorite colors are:

  • All chartreuse
  • Black body, purple tail
  • Olive body, olive grizzly tail
  • Red body, chartreuse tail
  • All white
  • All pink
  • For trout, FishnDave swears by a gold tinsel chenille body with grizzly hackle (Wooly Bugger style), with grizzly marabou tail